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Through local offerings such as free community based programming, social therapy through restorative practice, The Cream seeks to teach and help under-served individuals. As part of its initiative to help build better businesses (for-profit and nonprofit), The Cream Inc. KChapter actively offers and provides the following resources: publishing and editing services, mixed media marketing/ web design services, as well as LLC filing/ corporate business startup within the context of consultative development.


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2019 Ypsilanti GUN BUYBACK

In the wake of increased gun violence and violent crime rate in Ypsilanti and Michigan overall, The Cream Incorporated Knowledge Chapter, in tandem with Ypsilanti City officials, the Ypsilanti Police Department, and numerous concerned citizens alike put together a REACTIVE Gun Buyback event in August of 2019 aimed at deterring violence in the community. 

LEADERS in the Ypsilanti community approached the National Board & Knowledge Chapter of T.H.E. C.R.E.A.M. to put together a lasting solution that includes programming and opportunity for those wishing to do more for self. 

On August 24, 2019, The Ypsilanti Community Church, The Cream Incorporated KChapter, along with the Ypsilanti Police Department, hosted a Firearm & Pistol Buyback. The Ypsilanti Gun Buyback was/is part of a Cream Incorporated Southeastern Violence and Crime reduction strategy that transitions into Community Based Empowerment Sessions that creates solutions for Socio Economic Ills. From a purpose driven evaluation, this event was a success. We obtained over 22 Handguns and Assault rifles, that would have potentially motivated the illegal selling of guns that are illegal owned or stolen.

This was an unprecedented level of success as a collaborative Ward I Gun Buyback. Following high levels of gun violence, The Cream Inc. KChapter and its fellow partners spurred its collective resources to empower others as a community-based, community-driven 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. Thanks to everyone who made this possible after months of planning!

   Acting President,

   The Cream Inc.

   Knowledge Chapter

-Srikar Chiravuri

Impact of The Cream Inc.  KChapter 

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Values of The Cream Inc.  KChapter 

It is the direct mission of this organization to promote superior scholarship as basic and intellectuals achievement. Cooperate and interact with other organizations and institutions in concern for maintenance of high moral and social standards. This mission is achieved by providing professional guidance, services, and resources free of charge for individuals seeking to assess their professional goals and ambitions directed towards a consciousness of their life long responsibility of serving others.

The Cream Incorporated is always looking for those interested in joining the team.​

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The COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM (CEP) is a Neighborhood-Based Pro-Active solution to violence and the cornerstone of all crime prevention. This  enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with local businesses, nonprofits/organizations, and local law enforcement to reduce burglaries, shootings, murders, sexual assault, and property crimes.

The primary purpose of the CEP is the protection, growth, and sustainability across Ypsilanti, Michigan. Community crime prevention programs are a proven and effective means to substantially reduce not only the incidence of violence in a specified geographical area, but the incidence of other crimes. A good neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever invented. This program will help deter crime and violence in the City of Ypsilanti.


Cream Drama & Step (CDS)

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Community Empowerment

Neighborhood Block Club SOLUTIONS backed by Community Den Donation Programs. Join the national support network that is The Cream Incorporated.

Corporate SPONSORSHIP, Donation Programs, Community Building.


The Cream does it all.

A-Z Client Startup Services

The Cream Inc. KChapter offers IN-HOUSE

For-profit (LLC) & Non-profit (501c3) and corporate development skills for young men of all ages and backgrounds.

SUPPORT from A-Z, be it Incorporation, Online Marketing, Branding, Publication, Consultancy, and even Web Design.




 Michigan Employment & Training Plus, MetPlus.Org is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides goods and services to the citizens of Inkster, Washtenaw, and Wayne County. Founded by Chet Pitts, this donation program is among one of our pivotal partnerships that assists The Cream in its sustainability efforts. 


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Srikar Chiravuri


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Co-founder and President- The Cream Incorporated KChapter

CEO- The Learnt Ones Staffing Agency, LLC

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